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Owner Access Portals
April 25, 2018

Coventry Group is now offering Owner Access portals (see the new link in the sidebar) to allow you to access your association account details. From the portal, you can view your current account balance, check your payment history, pay your assessments online, view pending violations or open work orders, communicate with your association manager and more.

If we have your email address on file, an email was sent to you with your confirmation code. If you need a confirmation code, please email our office manager. Include your name, community name, property address within the community and your email address. We need ALL of this information to verify each homeowner. To learn your way around the new owner access, please see the Owner Access Introduction.

New Community Manager
November 3, 2017

Nataki Venable is Shawnee Village’s new community manager. Nataki will be visiting your neighborhood frequently. Be sure to stop and introduce yourself. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding your association, please contact Nataki at 540-535-0816.

Watch for School Buses and Children!
August 17, 2017

As Summer comes to a close our children are headed back to school;  Please be on the lookout.  School busses will be coming through our Community and we need to be appropriately cautious.  We owe it to our children to keep them safe!

Coventry Group and your HOA Board hope you have a have a great Fall and Holiday Season!

Planning Changes to the Exterior of your Home?
April 11, 2017

Please make sure that if you are planning to add a deck, fence, patio, or any other exterior change to your home, you need to start by filling out an Architectural Request form that can be found on the documents tab of this site.  Please fill this out in its entirety and get it back to the HOA for approval. You should add supporting documentation as needed along with this.  Approval from the HOA must be received before you build.  If you have any questions, Coventry Group Community Management, Inc. can walk you through the process.

Happy Holidays and Welcome 2017!
December 12, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close and we look toward 2017, your Board of Directors and Coventry Group wish to thank you for your support in 2016 and hope everyone has a pleasant and peaceful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

Summer is Here!!
July 15, 2016

Summer is here and our children will be out and about;  Please be on the lookout.  We owe it to our children to keep them safe!

Coventry Group and your HOA Board hope you have a have a great Summer!

2016 Dues – No Increase!
December 1, 2015

There will be no increase in dues for 2016!  They will remain $340 per year or $85 per quarter.

Annual Meeting Held May 24th
May 27, 2014

The HOA Annual Meeting made required quorum Saturday May 24th at Bowman Library.  Topics of general interest to the community were discussed. The election of directors for another one year term was held. All current directors were re-elected. We thank them for another year of service to the HOA.

HOA Update
November 29, 2013

It’s been a quiet second and third quarter in 2014 for the HOA. The  Board has had little on the docket, things are running very smoothly. The Board discussed bush-hogging the water retention pond as it’s getting a little shaggy. Some of it was done. A few homes are in foreclosure and may need to be cut occasionally by the HOA because no one lives there, but houses are starting to sell, so this is a short-term problem. They have asked Coventry Group to look into what county plan there is for bike paths, so that residents can may one day safely bike from the HOA to Sherando Park . for example.  Shawnee Village is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Homeowners Cooperation is Appreciated
November 13, 2013

The Board of Directors and Coventry Group would like to thank the many residents who responded with cooperation after receiving reminder letters in 2013 regarding necessary Shawnee Village rules. So far, into 2014 most owners are complying with rules in general, especially as pertains to the Architecture Board rules, so the HOA looks in good shape.   Homeowners cooperated by moving basketball goals and cars off the streets, performing needed yard work, repairing their homes, putting trash cans away,  removing commercial vehicles from the property, etc.  It has made a noticeable improvement in the appearance of Shawnee Village and has helped minimize safety and liability issues.  We have confidence that homeowners who receive notices about such matters  in the future will also appreciate the need  for, and benefit of these important  rules.